Frequently Asked Questions

To help you out with your journey on go4locals- Philippines Edition, we provide answers to frequently asked questions of our users. If you dont find your answer here feel free to contact us with your question. We do our best to provide a service for the community. 

How To Buy A Product?

To buy a product you can contact the seller. You find his contact information on the detailed page of the offer. Contact options include email, phone and live chat. If you agree on the price with the seller you can then proceed to the exchange.

How To Get Product Support?

go4locals only provides a plattform for users to communicate. We are not responsible for Support of products you got form here. To get support contact the author of the offer directly.

How To Sell A Product?

To sell your product you can create an account. We also offer login with your facebook account.

As soon as you are logged in you can create a listing by clicking on the Post your Ad button in the header section. Choose your categorie and fill out additional information.

Yes you can create an account for your business. As soon as you did that you can choose from our free membership for business or get a premium account by paying with paypal. After you made a membership (free or premium) you will see a new Menu Store on your personal dashboard. Use this to create your site. All Ads you post will automaticly be listet on your business site.

To create a job offer you can follow the steps of selling a product. Just take categorie jobs and fill out any information in the submit form.

To give a Flat for rent or sell your House or building you can create an account and post your offer as an Ad. Chose categorie Real Estate to sell your propertie or give a apartement for rent.