Create your personal Site for your Business free.

go4local is a new community with growing visitor numbers each day. Take your chance and present your company or store on your own personal site and win over new customers for your business.

Setting up a Site is easy, free and only takes a few minutes of your time. So lets go ahead and I show you how to do it.

Step 1. Create your account on go4locals

To register and post free ads simply click on the icon next to the “Post your Ad” Button. You next click on “Register” below the login form. Sing up is super easy and only takes you a few seconds.

If you have allready a facebook account everything is even simpler. Just use the “Login with Facebook” functionality to use your name and profile picture from Facebook on go4locals.

So lets go ahead and click here to get to the register page: Register now

After you register simply come back here to follow the next steps.

As soon as you created your account and logged in you can see your personal dashboard. 

Here you can select a membership to create your personal store page and get new visitors and customers. All ads and services that you post later on will be listet at your business page.

So let’s do it and select our free membership.

Select Business membership to have your site displayed over 180 days, for free

Here you have 2 Options to choose from. 

1. Chose Option

Option 1. is a premium membership for the price of 1000 Peso. It last for 365 Days and lets you post 30 Regular Ads aswell as 5 Featured Ads for a duration of 14 days each. Its a really good deal if you want to list services and products and promote them for your business over the regular posts.

Option 2. This is the free option that lets you list your Business for 180 days and lets you post 10 regular ad that will be listed on your store site. Since it is free it can just be easy renewed after half a year.

2. Select Paypal as Payment Option, Even if you selected the free membership the payment option has to be selected. No worries for the free package no cost will apply and you will be redirected after you agree to the terms of use and click on: 

3. Proceed to Payment

Now lets set up your store

After you completed the above steps you can go back to your Dashboard and should now have the menu: Store

Now click on it and you can set up your Store site. Select a Banner for the background and upload your Companys Logo. I you have opening hours you can also fill them out.

The ID can be the name of your shop or just a number, it will be used to generate the URL to your personal site. It can not be changed afterwards!

Nice your Store site is now online and you can find it and the Business Menu