Make money online - With go4locals Philippines

Making money can be possible in many different way. As lucky as we are we live in a modern world, driven by technology. Everything gets connected by the internet. The times where you had to do hard physical labor to earn a few peso are over.

Lets start with a simple step. You have old stuff that you dont need anymore? For example that old motobike in your garage or the chair that you never used and just takes space. Lets sell that stuff online. The don’t say “one mans trash is another mans treasure”.

In this guide I show you how you can post your first Ad online. 

Now lets sell our old calculator

Back in the days in university I had to buy a realy expensive calculator. But since I graduated I never used it anymore and it just takes dust. So lets sell it on go4locals. I am sure there are students, in your area that just started university or plan to do so next year. 

Since I don’t need my calculator anymore I just sell it to someone in my town that does. The following steps are an example and can be used to sell all kind of stuff. Take a look at our categories to get some ideas of what you could sell or offer online.


Step 1. Take some photos of the product you want to sell

Nowdays its super easy to take acceptable photos with your smartphone. But there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Make sure the photos are clear, bright and focus on the object you want to sell

2. Take pictures from different sites of the object to show that there is no damage on it

3. If there is any damage make sure to note it or even mark it in the picture

Step 2. Create your account on go4locals

To register and post free ads simply click on the icon next to the “Post your Ad” Button. You next click on “Register” below the login form. Sing up is super easy and only takes you a few seconds.

If you have allready a facebook account everything is even simpler. Just use the “Login with Facebook” functionality to use your name and profile picture from Facebook on go4locals.

So lets go ahead and click here to get to the register page: Register now

After you register simply come back here to follow the next steps.


Congratulations you made your free profile on go4locals and can now start to buy and sell online with a few clicks.

So we wanted to sell our old calculater, remember? Lets go ahead and put a listing with the Pictures we took and some additional information online.

For that click on “Post your Ad” in the header of the website. Or simply click here: Free Listing

Step 3. List your Ad for free

In the above left picture I simply choosen the ad Type “Sell” since I want to sell my Item online. Then I picked the categories Electronic and Others as subcategorie. 

In the right picture I added the Title, a Price and additional information like a description to my Ad listing. Since the calculator is used I will simply give it away for 500 Peso. But I request that it is picket up at a location of my choice and payed in cash. 

Now I added the Pictures I took before by selecting them from my computers folder. When they were uploaded I Published the Listing on the marketplace.

The website takes you to the checkout where you can select some premium options. These include 

Featured (Ad will be highligthed in the Overview and get the Tag “Featured”)

Top (Ad will be listed on top in the Ads search and stay there for certain time)

Bump up (The Ad get bumped up to top of the listing, it will automaticly slide down whenever new Ads get posted)


If you just wish to go ahead with the free option click on “Go to My Account” Button where you can find your listing. Premium Options can be added at any point over your personal Dashboard. An there we go! We created our free Ad and can wait for the customer to contact us. Well Done!

Step 3. View your Offer